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Best of both worlds…

Best of both worlds…

  For me, Hanoi is the perfect integration of everything I love about the West, fused with the East. A typical weekend would involve leaving my Western style apartment, with it's cute little kitchen and living room. This leads to a separate large bedroom with my...

A selection of Saigon moments

A selection of Saigon moments

Riding around Saigon on my motorbike I see, smell and hear a multitude of things that are infinitely photographable and bloggable, that when I visited Vietnam in 2013 and when I first arrived I found magical, and notable, but it’s amazing how quickly you lose that...

Be ready for surprises!

Be ready for surprises!

Before coming to Vietnam, the company who I booked with sent me a load of information about things such as what to expect in my first few weeks, culture shock, Vietnamese tradition, etc. I distinctly remember reading that Vietnamese people, especially employers, are...

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