English Teaching in Vietnam

Vietnam provides unparalleled opportunities for English Teachers. The fast growing economy means a high demand for foreign teachers. This demand means that ESL teacher’s can earn fantastic salaries ($18 to $30 per hour). These wages, coupled with the very low living costs puts Vietnam in a situation unrivalled by neighbouring countries and around the world. As well as great earning potential, teachers can look forward to well behaved students of all ages, who are happy to be in class. The Vietnamese tend to have healthy, active attitudes towards learning and many schools and English centers are willing to try new, progressive teaching methods.

The majority of language centres offer excellent free resources and on going support, training and professional development. Most classrooms come with interactive whiteboards, large windows and air conditioning to make teaching easy and fun.  Perfect conditions for English teaching in Vietnam.

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English teaching in Vietnam can vary hugely. From corporate to kindergarten, there is work to suit everyones desires and needs. For example if you dread teaching grammar, then don’t worry, a lot of students learn grammar from Vietnamese teachers of English and focus on communication and pronunciation with their international teachers. You will need to have bundles of energy, enthusiasm and creativity when teaching kids, as many centres focus on interactive games and activities to help students learn pronunciation, basic structures and new vocabulary.

Education is valued incredibly highly, parents strive to give their kids as many advantages as possible, which tends to mean a lot of after school classes. Learning English is especially important for students and opens up many more opportunities for them to enrich their lives. As a teacher you will be in a position of responsibility where you can really make a difference. This also works to your advantage as an English teacher because students tend to be a delight to teach because they take their English studies very seriously. The teacher is a highly respected position in Vietnam evidenced by a local proverb; ‘My Father – My Teacher – My King’. Every year they even have a national teachers’ day where teachers are flowered with gifts and presents for their work. Despite it’s importance, students love having fun making the classroom a fantastic place to be!

Teacher’s Friend is not only a great company that is looking out for you but also a support system when starting a new life on your own. Georgie helped build my confidence and establish my comfort levels to start this new journey. Though this seemed huge and daunting Georgie helped me feel prepared and excited to start a new life!

Anneliese, UK

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English teaching in Vietnam

The high demand for jobs English teaching in Vietnam, leaves prospective teachers with a lot of choice for jobs. Too much choice isn’t always a good thing, and it is difficult to distinguish the good jobs from the bad without some inside knowledge. This is just one of the many ways Teacher’s Friend Vietnam can help you.

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The average teacher works 15-25 hours per week and with the high wages and low cost of living there is plenty of time (and money) to explore your new home, the surrounding suburbs and the rest of Vietnam. The majority of our partner schools and language centres offer paid sick pay, holiday and national holidays so will get to see all that Vietnam has to offer. All of our schools and centres offer work permits, required for working legally in Vietnam.

English teaching in Vietnam

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