Frequently Asked Questions




Can I stay in Thailand after my contract ends?

As long as you have a visa and job you can stay in Thailand.

What will be the duration of my working visa?

The duration of a working visa is generally 6 months or 1 year. But it depends on your contract.

Can I pursue another job along with teaching in Thailand?

Lots of teachers prefer to have a second job along with teaching to increase their monthly income. You can also pick private tuition as your second job.

Will my colleagues speak English?

Generally yes.

Can I choose between full- time and part-time?

Most of the positions that we provide are full-time.

Do I need to take a medical insurance?

You should be completely insured while you are in Thailand with travel insurance. Sometimes schools do provide basic insurance which may not cover you fully.

When are the school holidays?

In Government schools you will get holidays in October, March and April.

Could you please suggest a few Facebook groups where I can interact with people to learn more about Thailand?

You can follow these two Facebook groups to learn more about Thailand

Expats in Thailand:

Thailand Travel:

The Requirements

Who can apply for Teaching English in Thailand?

You must carry a passport from one of the
following English speaking countries: USA,
Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland,
South Africa and any other countries where
English is the first and native language.

Do I need a TEFL qualification to teach English in Thailand?

You will require a TEFL or TESOL certificate
with at least 120 hours of study. Face to face TEFL
always more preferable than online TEFL.

What are the other requirements that I should need to know?

Other requirements that a candidate needs to know are as follows:

  • The minimum age limit is 20 years and the maximum age limit is 60 years.
  • Candidates must have a sufficient amount of money to pay the program-related costs.
  • Good mental and physical health is also required.

Do I need a degree to teach English in Thailand?

You don’t need a degree if you come from a native English-speaking country.
However, you need to have an internationally accredited TEFL/TESOL certificate.
But to have a work permit in Thailand you need to have a degree. There are exemptions sometimes although it is very rare when schools can show that a candidate is suitable for a job despite not having a degree.

The Teaching

What is the salary amount for teaching English in Thailand?

Candidates will get a salary ranging between 30,000 THB – 45,000 THB per month.

How many hours a week I will teach?

You will be at School at 8 hours per day but you will teach 4-5 hours.

What are the school timings?

The school timing is from 07:30 AM to 04:00PM with one hour lunch break.

How many days of week will I be teaching?

You will be teaching five days a week which is Monday to Friday.

Will I get paid for overtime?

Generally you will not get paid for overtime.

What are the age groups that I will be teaching in Thailand?

You will be teaching students from kindergarten to high school. We can’t assure you that you will get a specific age group of your choice.

Should I bring my own lunch?

Not all schools provide lunch for their teachers. It is highly dependent on which
school you will be placed.

Is there any preferred dress code for teaching inThailand?

Professional dress code will be preferred. Men must wear a conventional shirt and trousers. You may also need to wear a tie depending upon school. Women need to wear conservative dress/pants and blouse.

How long are teaching contracts in Thailand?

Generally a teaching contract covers an entire session which is the duration of 9 – 12 months.

The Lifestyle

What is the cost of living in Thailand?

We will give you a monthly budget with all of your likely expenses.

Is it possible to save money while teaching in Thailand?

Definitely. One of the reasons why a lot of teachers go to teach in Thailand is to save money, especially as you have rent-free accommodation.

What should I expect when signing up for the full relocation package?

An amazing experience, plenty of opportunity to explore this fascinating country, a great network of friends, constant support from start to finish,
unforgettable memories, to learn a lot about yourself both professionally and personally, plenty of expose to a rich history and culture and an overall amazing experience.

How safe Thailand is?

We will recommend you to keep yourself alerted like anywhere else when you are in outside. Overall Thailand is quite safe.

What is the transportation cost in Thailand?

Songtaews is operated in a set route and it is the cheapest option. It will cost you around 10 THB – 30THB. Though you can get other options also but those are more expensive. A motorbike taxi will cost you around 50 THB whereas a taxi can cost you an amount ranging between 60 THB – 200THB for a maximum of 30 minutes trip.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Thailand?

We will recommend you not to drink tap water. You can buy bottled water in a
cheap price.

Why Teacher’s Friend?


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