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Every teacher who has signed up for a package with Teacher’s Friend has been delighted with the result.
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If you are thinking about teaching abroad or in Vietnam, I would recommend speaking with Georgie. There is so much information out there which can feel overwhelming and confusing but Georgie really helped me get my head around things and gave me some really helpful tips and advice. She knows her stuff. I have had a great experience being in contact with Teachers Friend Vietnam, they are knowledgeable and quick to reply to any questions.


I would give you 5 stars

Katie Hayes

04th Nov, 2022

Buying a package from Teacher’s Friend feels real and kind-hearted. It is exactly what I was looking to hire. Great service, quick answers, good prices and someone that you can fully trust, like Georgie.
Her small business has grown fast because she puts all her heart on it and she does an incredible job. That’s another reason why I have chosen Teacher’s friend, I love projects that are developed like hers.
Catalina - Chile

15th Sep, 2021

Hi Georgie,

You are literally amazing. Seriously. Please pat yourself on the back right now for being so wonderfully helpful and generally excellent!
I think your suggestion of redoing the course online and taking the practical in country sounds perfect.
I should have an increase in my paycheck at the end of next month (i just took a second job to save up and get the heck out of England) so I will be purchasing the online course + relocation service.
I’m really excited to get started, thank you so much for all your help so far. Please don’t feel the need to reply to this email, I’ve already taken up enough of your time! If you offer this level of help before I’ve even put down a deposit I feel seriously comfortable that your relocation service will provide everything I need. I’ve wanted to be a teacher for a very long time but been daunted by the move, your emails have taken a lot of that stress away already.
Sending gratitude x10.
Bethany Daniels

15th Sep, 2021

My experience of Teacher’s Friend Vietnam is based on an hour long skype call and several follow up emails with Georgie Snape.

I am developing English language programmes based in Hai Phong and Georgie’s advice and input were key in connecting me with the right experts, front runners and people involved in best practice teaching English as an additional language in Vietnam.

Georgie was a great listener and responded quickly to my particular information needs as well as making all engagement with her an absolute pleasure. She is the sort of personality that engages at all levels and in appropriate ways. She is someone I could see having ongoing contact with for her knowledge of the local context, expertise in the huge English Language teaching industry in Vietnam and simply for the pleasure of enjoying her engaging personality.

Georgie is open to new ideas and motivated to facilitate people on their path here in Vietnam. Her advice has been relevant, valuable and appropriate to my needs. I recommend her highly as a first point of contact for all teachers planning to come to Vietnam to work or upon arrival, like myself.

Amanda Valentine - New Zealand

1st Feb 2020

I signed up to the full relocation package that TFV offers. Georgie, the owner of this small niche business is ‘one of a kind’. From my initial enquiry to my current teaching journey in Vietnam, she has supported me every step of the way and surpassed my expectations. Her advice and willingness to help is ‘second to none’. Before I signed up, I researched her business, read about her and TFV reviews. I was immediately impressed, and honesty, inspired, by what she has achieved, and her passion to use that to help others have the same opportunity. This remains true to this day.

When you sign up to a service like this one, it is rare you actually get to meet the person that has been helping you prepare and lighten the burden of this life changing decision. I had the pleasure of meeting Georgie, who currently lives in Ho Chi Minh. I initially came to Vietnam with a plan, and that developed into a learning schedule which Georgie developed even further for me. Throughout the two weeks I was in Ho Chi Minh, she devoted her own time to personally train me and allowed me to observe her classes and others. Outstanding!

Georgie specialises solely in Vietnam. There are other businesses out there that offer a relocation service, but none like TFV. An all round professional service with a personal touch. It is a pleasure for me to recommend TFV to anyone wishing to pursue a move to Vietnam to teach.

My deepest gratitude goes out to Georgie and may our working relationship continue for years to come.

Jack - United Kingdom

20 Nov 2019

She is the go-to person for advice on TEFL in Vietnam.

She is a great resource for contract review and negotiation and esl career advice. She reviewed my contract and terms and helped me secure a better offer: she also helped determine which city and neighborhood housing I should pick for housing.

She also knows a lot about how to get set up in Vietnam long term. She is well versed on relative area security, raising kids there and the international school situation.

Finally she is knowledgeable about the international school business in Vietnam. She knows how it works and what qualifications you need to get involved.

The one and only resource for Vietnam teachers. Highly recommended.


15th May 2019

Georgie and Teacher’s Friend offers a service that is uncommonly human and helpful. The Teacher’s Friend information package and the personal relationship I had with Georgie provided details and specifics on the English teaching industry in Vietnam – what to ask, what to watch out for, options to consider, and so on.

Teacher’s Friend is a one-stop-shop for the information I knew I needed, and also for information that I didn’t know I needed. Some specific information that was helpful for me included – how to assess employers and what questions to ask in interviews with them, scams to watch out for/ lessons you don’t need to learn the hard way, visa details, and document authorization details.

Arthur Pessa - United States

18th May 2019

Moving to Vietnam to teach English is an adventure to say the least. Like all adventures, it has its good and bad days. Georgie was there for me, on both the good and the bad.

She was always there to support me and give me advice when I was freaking out about things- anything ranging from feeling home sick, to housing, to jobs, to just general anxious moments. That’s what makes Georgie’s service so invaluable: having someone who genuinely cares and will always help you out, like a real friend would!

It’s a good feeling knowing someone’s in your corner, especially someone as able and kind as Georgie. I highly recommend Teacher’s Friend to anyone thinking of moving to Vietnam.

Chiara Nicholl - Ireland

22nd Apr 2019

Vietnam is a very beautiful country. There are so many stunning sceneries that I wasn’t I able to see them all and that is why I want to visit there ,again, in the future. The cultural activities were memorable and spectacular; the people were very friendly and Teacher s Friend Vietnam helped me a lot in transiting into a new culture from landing me a job to giving me very helpful tips and advices. I would highly recommend Teacher’s Friend Vietnam- you won’t be disappointed; it’s very professional and they always respond to my needs quickly.

Patricia Lin - US

8th March 2019

I’m a Vietnamese American, and I chose Vietnam because I haven’t been here since I was born. I wanted to discover what’s the lifestyle here like and be able to do something I’ve always wanted to do: teach. I’ve had some ups and downs while being here, but that comes with any place a person lives. I’ve learned a lot while being here. Thank you Georgie for checking up on me and allowing me to ask many questions. It’s been a pleasure.

Jen Tran - US

14th Jan 2019

I would highly recommend to anyone who might be interested in teaching abroad. It’s perfect if you’re looking to go more independently and not through an organization, but still have support and advice from someone who has lived and taught in Vietnam for many years.

This experience has opened my eyes to places and opportunities I never thought I’d have. And I can say with confidence that Teacher’s Friend is true to their name, as I honestly do feel like I have a friend looking out for me at all times and is there if I ever need anything. Day in and day out, you can see that she genuinely cares about each of her clients and wants nothing but for them to be happy and succeed.

I have fallen in love with Hanoi and Vietnam as a whole and I cannot say that I would have had the same reaction or experiences had it not been for Georgie and her guidance and assistance!


5th Jan 2019

Kết quả hình ảnh cho vietnam teaching

Georgie truly supported me through the greatest experience of my life. She was there like a friend and guided me to choose the school, home, TESOL program and city that was right for me. It was perfect for me to be able to make my own decisions and still have someone there to make sure I was doing what was best for me. She has a great understanding and love for Vietnam that is contagious! I wouldn’t recommend any other program. Go to Vietnam! And go with Georgie as your friend! It will change your life.

Gabrielle Barnes - United States

11th March 2019


Last year, I decided to teach English in Vietnam. After searching through online programs, I finally found one that suited my needs.

Georgie helped me with my application and sent them to competitive schools in the area I requested. She helped me secure the job before I landed.

After I arrived in Vietnam, she set me up with a tour and a contact. The contact showed me some great local spots to eat and drink. She helped relieve anxiety about moving to another country and offered support whenever I needed.

Georgie placed me in a language school that I really enjoy. I have made many friends since coming to Vietnam and it is thanks to Georgie’s understanding of the English teaching market. Without Georgie’s assistance, I think I would have been more nervous to move my whole life abroad.


20th Dec 2018

Moving to Vietnam from Canada to teach seemed daunting at the beginning but Teacher’s Friend truly made the transition so much easier.

Georgie made sure that I was fully prepared before I left for Vietnam, making sure I had everything in place (proper visa, documents etc) as well as provided me with all of the knowledge I would need for when I arrived.

Once I got to Hanoi, I started working almost instantly for an extremely credible company. I have now been in Vietnam for 5 months and Georgie continues to support me whenever I have any concerns. She is always ready to help, extremely positive, and kind!

Georgie truly has a unique service that offers security, peace of mind, and a friend who has your back through your transition into becoming a teacher. I would recommend TFV to anyone looking to teach in Vietnam!


10th Dec 2018


After going through some big, unexpected changes in my late 20s, I decided that teaching English in Vietnam would be the next chapter of my life. In the previous year everything I thought I knew about where I was going fell away, so what I really needed when I approached Georgie was some peace of mind about my future.

And she delivered!

Georgie is a genuine gem of a person and does everything in her power to help you get on your feet. She not only helped me secure a job with a reputable language school and find an amazing place to live, but also helped out with things like finding an English-speaking therapist when I was going through a tough time during my first few months in Vietnam.

She is super approachable, and when she says you can contact her FOR ANYTHING, she really means it.

If you want to leap into teaching English in Vietnam, but are hesitant to jump into a new career, country and environment, then chat to Georgie and see if she can offer you the same sense of security that she gave me.

Caroline - Hanoi, Vietnam

9th Dec 2018

“From the moment I started working with Georgie she exceeded all of my expectations. I was at a point in my life where I needed to make a lot of decisions about what I wanted from life, and after finishing my degree had various internships that I could have chosen, instead of coming to Vietnam.

Throughout this time Georgie didn’t put any pressure on me to come to a quick decision and was extremely patient throughout the lengthy process of waiting to hear back from the various internships which I had applied for.

She helped with all the logistics, from setting me up with interviews, to helping me find accommodation and sorting my visa.

Georgie was right when she stated on her website that not having a face to face TEFL would make finding work in Vietnam much harder. I began to panic about whether I would find a job, but Georgie constantly reassured me and restored my confidence. It wasn’t long before I had a job working in a great language centre.

I am delighted with the service that I received and in everything that was offered in the contract. I know that finding a job in Vietnam that is legal, legitimate, secure and reliable can be very difficult in Vietnam.

For the above reasons, as well as so many others, I recommend Teacher’s Friend with all my heart due to how easy Georgie made everything. Hanoi is crazy and hectic and relocating to a new country on your own is incredibly overwhelming, but with Georgie it was stress free and easy. Thank you so much Georgie, I couldn’t have done it without you! :) “

Ruth, UK

22nd November 2017

“Georgie’s work is so much more than a service. Georgie is truly a friend to the people she works with.

When I was browsing through different companies and resources to start my adventure to Vietnam I was overwhelmed by the options. There were lists of endless different companies wanting to help me but I never felt truly connected to them, it felt more like they were out for my money. Immediately after speaking to Georgie I felt comforted.

She was like talking to a friend I had known for ages and who had already gone through this process. I am sure those other companies do a great job at helping you through the visa processes and all the other paperwork but Georgie sticks with you through the weird questions. Georgie was always more than willing to help me out with more personal questions that I think other places would have been annoyed or weird about answering.

Teacher’s Friend is not only a great company that is looking out for you but also a support system when starting a new life on your own. Georgie helped build my confidence and establish my comfort levels to start this new journey. Though this seemed huge and daunting Georgie helped me feel prepared and excited to start a new life!”

Anneliese, UK

18th Sept 2017

“Towards the end of 2017 I started thinking a lot about what I might like to do in 2018. I was ready for a change and I’d been entertaining the idea of living abroad for a while – I’ve always wanted to spend some time in Vietnam, but I had no idea where to start.

I researched on the internet until I was square-eyed and still was no clearer on how to actually go about making it happen – in fact, I was more confused; should I try and secure a job before I go? Should I just turn up and go from there? The more my questions boiled up, the more disillusioned and doubtful I felt.

One evening I was reading a travel blog and they mentioned ‘Teacher’s Friend.’ I went onto the website and I knew it was exactly what I needed. Georgie has been a key factor in my moving to Hanoi – from the beginning she was attentive, knowledgeable, calm and available. Any question I had, she had an answer – she also had answers to the questions I didn’t know yet to ask – such as how to properly prepare so that your arrival is as smooth as can be.

She helped me find a great job before I left and then guided me through the entire process. Recently she has helped me find an apartment that I love, and she’s checked in to make sure I’m settling OK and if she can do anything to help.

The service Georgie provides is a really special one – it is personal, human, understanding, as well as informed, efficient and reliable. If it wasn’t for her help and the confidence she inspires, I wouldn’t be in Vietnam – I’d still be trying to work out how to go about making a change.

With Georgie, I’ve felt accompanied on my solo adventure. You absolutely cannot beat the wisdom of experience that she generously shares. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Charlotte, UK

28th January 2018

I have worked abroad in Australia and New Zealand and there were time when things went wrong or I was unaware of certain things. This is why I choose TFV fo support me in my move to Vietnam. I am so glad I did!

Georgie has been so supportive in every aspect of moving here, from the visa, to the langauge centers and even small things like where to go to the dentists! Georgie is such a great source of information and a friend who you can always talk to no matter what!

Katie - Hanoi, Vietnam

28th Mar, 2018

“Georgie was a massive help for my partner and I relocating to Hanoi. For work she set us up with interviews and we’re now working at a great language centre. She also recommended good businesses and helped us to find an apartment. She is extremely helpful and personable, exactly the sort of person you need to know when choosing to teach abroad. We would highly recommend Georgie and we’re very thankful for she has done for us.”

Hannah, UK

27th Oct 2017

Teacher’s Friend Vietnam was an amazing discovery! There is enough to contend with before and after an upheaval like moving abroad but Georgie, the TFV director, facilitated, organised and took the stress out of almost everything to do with the relocation: job interviews, accommodation options, language lessons, contacts out there, tips on how to adapt to your new life and suggestions on which foods to try! It was encouraging to have someone to go to to ask questions, knowing the answers you’d receive were expert, unbiased and in your best interests.

The TFV service is exceptionally good value for money, especially given the time and hassle it saves. The support from Georgie was second to none and throughout my stay in Vietnam she did everything she could to make sure it was as enjoyable, comfortable and productive as possible.

Crystal - UK

11th Sep 2017

I’ve had a great experience with Teachers Friend Vietnam. Georgie helped me get settled here in Hanoi, Vietnam and plan everything beforehand, making my travel as stress-free as possible!

TFV helped me coordinate my visa, and collect the required documents to find a job and get a work permit. Many other teachers I come into contact with had no idea they needed these documents, so I feel very fortunate to have connected with TFV.

It was also helpful to know what to expect in terms of pay and hourly commitment to teach in Vietnam.

Can’t recommend TFV enough. Thanks Georgie!

Chuck - Hanoi, Vietnam

11th Sep 2017

“I couldn’t believe my luck when I came across the website ‘Teachers Friend Vietnam’: it was offering precisely what I needed to embark on my new teaching venture.  What is advertised is exactly what is delivered and it is exceptionally good value for money.

Without ‘Teachers Friend’ and Georgie, the company director, this experience would have been so much more challenging and time consuming to organise.

Georgie is extremely well versed in all things Vietnamese!  She is an excellent communicator and has dealt with my endless questions swiftly and effectively; she is also very empathetic, encouraging and a great listener.  There has been many a time when I have just wanted to hug her! I am so very thankful for the expert guidance and ongoing support. “

Crystal, UK

Aug 2017

From the moment I started interacting with Georgie from TFV, I felt like I was talking to a sister. She was just so friendly and understanding. You can tell she has only the purest intentions at heart. In this day and age there are only a handful of people and companies you can trust and I am so confident in saying that Georgie and her team are counted in that handful.
I really appreciated the questionnaires and the pack of tools and materials (lesson plans etc) she sent to make my stay here in Vietnam a heck load easier.

I had so many reservations about taking this step but Georgie was there to reassure me every step of the way. It’s almost like she knew what I was thinking at times because in a couple of her emails she would start them off by saying “Don’t panic..” which is something I am so prone to doing.
I can’t emphasize how helpful she’s been. There wasn’t anything she didn’t mention.

Thanks Georgie, you’re amazing!

Malusu - Vietnam

16th Sep 2017


“Teacher ‘s Friend Vietnam is truly an ESL Teacher’s Friend- not only will it ‘hold your hand’ all the way til you land a job, but Georgie will keep on keeping in touch with you after acquiring a teacher job. It’s very professional in it’s advice and in its job of finding its clients teaching jobs. TFV always replied quickly and always in a timely manner. I highly recommend it and it’s well worth your money.”

Patricia, US

June 2017

“The service provided by Teacher’s Friend exceeded all my expectations. The staff are very helpful and they answered all my queries and tried their best to accommodate my requests. They have trustworthy and resourceful staff. I would recommend them highly for their services.”
Rohit, India

28th Jan 2017

“Georgie has been amazing from the start and she has completely superseded my expectations!  From the support via Skype prior to interviewing with potential Language Centers to helping with housing etc – the service has been top notch!

She helped me to feel more confident and comfortable with the idea of packing up and moving half way around the world to try my hand at being an ESL Teacher.

I cannot stress enough how helpful and encouraging she has been every step of the way. Georgie helped to navigate the job search despite my health issues and perimeters.

I would highly recommend Georgie and Teacher’s Friend Vietnam to anyone apprehensive about making the move or to even the most seasoned ESL traveler. She is a dream to work with and all of her recommendations have been spot on!  Thanks a million Georgie!”

Melissa, US

2nd May 2017

teach english in vietnamGeorgie is very patient, devoted and dynamic! She was able to answer all my questions and to adapt the contract to my professional needs.

I would definitely recommend Teacher’s Friend Vietnam to anyone interested in working in Vietnamese schools or language centres. This is the easiest and most reliable way to do it.

I also really appreciated receiving so many documents about life in Vietnam, Vietnamese students, etc. Don’t search any further, Georgie is the person you need to find a job!

Maxime - France

8th Apr 2017

“Teacher’s Friend Vietnam has been extraordinary for me. It has saved me from a cost perspective. It has helped me understand the legislative and social challenges for a Singaporean wanting to pursue an ESL career in Vietnam.

The warmth through their consulting on an ESL career in Vietnam one cannot source elsewhere. Their candid approach particularly was much appreciated. Even though I did not end up taking up a package with them….if you going to Vietnam, these guys would be your best bet from a cost, legislative and social perspective.

Georgie is your go to person. She is an encyclopaedia of knowledge with regards to ESL in Vietnam. All my contact with other language centres in Vietnam would always mirror Georgie’s guidance. Great soul. Straight talk all the way…”

Devinder Singh, Singapore

27th Jan 2017

“Myself and my boyfriend were able to travel both China and Thailand confidently knowing when we get to Hanoi, everything would run smoothly – which it certainly did!

After arriving in Hanoi, I have built up several jobs within 1 week and am now living more comfortably then back home. I originally thought I would be here for 6 months. However, after just 2 weeks, I signed up to 1 year contracts, knowing this is the place for me. I am also assured that in my time in Vietnam I can look for advice on anything with TFV and Georgie.

I now feel at home, and can save even more money to travel elsewhere than originally planned!”

Amy, UK

21st Jan 2017

I decided to move to Vietnam to teach in about a 3 hour time span. I discovered the idea and then bought the ticket without much forethought. I found Teachers Friend shortly afterwards.

Georgie was really helpful in making sure I felt prepared with what to experience. When it came time for me to search for a teaching job she not only set up a number of interviews for me but gave me information on different schools and her opinion about what would be a good choice.

I am very thankful of all that Georgie has helped me with. It was great to have someone to contact whenever I had any questions concerning my move and make sure I knew what to do when I got here. While I didn’t have any major problems once I arrived I trust that if there would have been an issue that Georgie would have been there to assist me. Even after I had lived in Vietnam for a while Georgie would contact me to check on how I was doing and make sure that everything was going alright.

Her customer service is to be admired. Thank you for everything. You not only assisted me but helped my mother feel more at ease with me moving so far away from home.

Nicole - Blanchard, Michigan

26th Jan 2017

“If you are looking for fast, efficient, friendly and professional assistance, then Georgie is the person to run to. Utilizing Teacher’s Friend Vietnam, with regards to finding a job in Vietnam, has taken a lot of stress off my shoulders . Georgie also follows up, and she has kept in touch with me, even after I got the job! Even now, 4 months after starting my new job in Vietnam, I can honestly say that I still feel welcome to contact Georgie for assistance”
Sonia, South Africa

12th Nov 2016

You don’t really know how much paperwork the process of moving to a new country requires until you’re in the middle of it. Luckily, I worked with Georgie and Teacher’s Friend and was able to get everything together and move to Vietnam completely prepared (and in a relatively short amount of time)!

She helped make sure I had all the correct information and forms, and connected me with people in Hanoi so I had friends from the moment I first stepped foot in the country. One gal who Teacher’s Friend connected me with has remained one of my closest friends in Hanoi and frequently goes on weekend adventures with me, as well as just local outings to try another delicious dish.

I’m incredibly grateful for finding Teacher’s Friend and all the help Georgie did to get me to Vietnam in one, relatively calm, piece.


11th Dec, 2016

“I can’t say enough good things about Teacher’s Friend. From helping find a job to transitioning to Vietnam, Georgie’s advice, knowledge and customer service has been brilliant. She is proactive and works closely with you to achieve your goals.

Knowing if I get really stuck I have someone I can call on has brought a lot of peace of mind and having someone to ask questions about anything Vietnam was really helpful.

At times the process of transitioning to a new country can be overwhelming and confusing, at these times I have been so thankful that I chose to engage Teacher’s Friend. They help take out a lot of the stress involved in the whole process. Obviously no agency can be miracle workers and you need to be flexible and open if you want to have a successful transition but I have never regretted my partnership with Teacher’s Friend.”

Rachel, Australia

9th Nov 2016

Teacher’s Friend Vietnam is an excellent service that I would highly recommend to anyone hoping to find an ESL job in Vietnam before they arrive.

From the very beginning, I was a fussy client! I was previously teaching ESL in Shanghai, China and hoping to move to Vietnam to be with my girlfriend, who is a Vietnamese national. As I would be living with her, there were various parts of the service that I would not need to make use of. Also, having already experienced teaching ESL in China (where the ESL system has many similarities but also some differences to the system in Vietnam), as well as hoping to fit my teaching career around the life I wished to lead while living in Vietnam (i.e. teaching during typical office hours, specific age group, work permit etc.), I had various specific requirements that I wished to address when signing the contract.

The Director of TFV, Georgie, was extremely courteous in the service she provided to me. She was willing to kindly alter the terms and wording of the contract to accommodate my specific requirements, and then followed through on every word!

Within a week, a host of employers were contacting me to arrange interviews for jobs that were exactly the kind of role that I was looking.

If you are hoping to land an ESL teaching job in Vietnam before you arrive, or are already there but moving from one city to another and want a job ready in your new city before you arrive, you can trust TFV to help you, advise you and follow through on your contract.



3rd Aug, 2016

It can be difficult to figure out where to start in Vietnam. Getting a good job is all about getting you foot in the door. Teacher’s Friend provides that foot in they door.

I taught part time and they helped me get nice classes that paid well with nice reliable employers, which can be difficult to find in Vietnam. I also found other classes from the contacts provided by Teacher’s Friend.

I highly recommend Teacher’s Friend, they were always there if I needed any support along the way and helped to point me in the right direction.


9th Jun, 2015

I wanted to teach in a university in Central Vietnam in the Spring Semester, 2015, and could not develop any interest despite my teaching in China a year ago. Possibly, my age (66) was a problem. I went to Vietnam in February thinking I would have better luck in person. Alex suggested I try volunteering in Ho Chi Minh City which I did.

One of the people Alex contacted to learn if he could help me was a university student in Danang. I told him my story, and he shared it with his professors. As a result, I visited Danang for an interview. After sharing information, my wife and I were offered teaching responsibilities at very good university pay for an academic year (and possibly longer if we are mutually satisfied with the outcome).

Learning who to contact at Vietnam universities and what they wanted was difficult for me to learn. I am confident that without Alex’s efforts, I would not enjoy this opportunity.


18th May, 2015

Moving to another country is always going to be a hugely exciting, but equally as daunting task. Getting to grips with a new culture, a new city and a new language can get a bit overwhelming, so having someone there to guide you through it makes all of the difference.

Hanoi is an amazing city; rich in culture, vibrancy and teaching opportunities. Finding the right opportunity, however, is not as simple as you might think.

My girlfriend and I both chose to move to Hanoi, hearing that there were so many teaching positions available. What we weren’t told is that quite a few of these positions are with untrustworthy employers. Finding TFV has made everything so much easier. We now have jobs at respectable, legitimate Language centers, live in a lovely apartment and feel like we are part of the city.

Alex (company owner) has been great with helping us find work. He has a vast network of language centers and schools that he works with, and helped us choose one that suited us best. He was also there to give interview advice and tips, and provide help with teaching specifically in Hanoi.

Although we didn’t take the full package (as we heard about the company once we had already gone through the grueling task of finding our apartment), our experience with TFV has been nothing but positive. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge into the world of ESL teaching, then I can’t recommend Teacher’s Friend and Vietnam enough.


26th Mar, 2015


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