Go from boring office job to lesson planning abroad in the sunshine with your friend from start to finish (and beyond!)

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Are you ready to embark on a life-changing adventure? Look no further than Teacher’s Friend, your complete guide to teaching English abroad. Hi, I’m Georgie, your friend and guide every step of the way. With over ten years of experience as an ESL teacher and trainer, I offer quality, internationally accredited TEFL courses to help you go from dreaming to doing. Whether you choose our immersive Teach Abroad Package, our face-to-face TEFL/TESOL course, or our convenient online course, you’ll receive unparalleled support and hands-on experience. Let me be the friend you need, who’s been there and can fully empathize with every aspect of your new adventure. Join me on this amazing journey and start your teaching abroad today!

Why Teacher’s Friend?

What we offer

Teach Abroad Package

This paid service offers teachers everything they will need to get them from their home country to working and living abroad. It comes with job assistance, accommodation assistance, pre-departure info, lifetime help and assistance once abroad and much more! The highlight of this package is a week long orientation in your new chosen home to really immerse yourself in the culture and help you settle in and enjoy the moment.


I am the trainer on our TEFL courses and so I can give you unparalleled support because I know the course inside and out. Through Teacher’s Friend, you’ll get extra support with the classroom activities, assignments, lesson planning and in-class teaching that no-one else will receive! All our courses are written by experts and are “hands on” so you will LEARN BY DOING.  Spend two weeks EXPERIENCING FIRST HAND how to be an ESL teacher and practising with your peers and then spend the next two weeks getting REAL PRACTICE teaching students in a school setting with feedback from both your peers and the trainer!


TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign language and so you will be teaching English language to people who don’t speak English as their first language. You will need a qualification to prove that you have been trained in this area.  



Teacher Blog – Meet Harry

Teacher Blog – Meet Harry

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Living as an English Teacher in Thailand

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