Teacher's Friend

Your Complete Guide to Teaching English Abroad

Teacher's Friend

Your Complete Guide to Teaching English Abroad

Teacher's Friend

Your Complete Guide to Teaching English Abroad

Teacher's Friend

Your Complete Guide to Teaching English Abroad

Teacher's Friend

Your Complete Guide to Teaching English Abroad

Teacher's Friend

Your Complete Guide to Teaching English Abroad

teach english in vietnam

Go from boring office job to lesson planning abroad in the sunshine with Teacher’s Friend.


My name is Georgie, of Teacher’s Friend. I love meeting new people, exploring new places, getting to know the locals and making a difference. For this reason I love teaching English in Vietnam and I want to share my experience with you.


I offer a friendly, honest and fully inclusive packages of concierge service to help you teach English in Vietnam, as well as a referral service for teaching jobs in Vietnam and TEFL certification.

I will get you from your boring office job to drinking a cold juice by the side of a beautiful waterfront café, while lesson planning in the sunshine for your favorite class in an amazing, new and exciting country from Vietnam to Barcelona and Costa Rica.

Teaching English in Vietnam is fun, exciting and offers a great life balance.

I offer a range of great services to assist you with teaching English in Vietnam, with the main ones being job placement in leading language centres, TEFL certification and the all-inclusive concierge package – absolutely everything you will need to start a wonderful life teaching English in Vietnam.

This includes life-time, next-level support and unlimited assistance to get you TEFL qualified with an accredited qualification and everything you will need for your exciting move to Vietnam – stress free! If you want to change your life and teach in Vietnam – you’re in the right place!

What I offer

Why am I different?

I offer a SUPER service! It is Specialist, Unique, Personalised, Empathetic and Reliable. That is what makes it a SUPER service!






All of this adds up to my SUPER concierge service! See below for the packages that I offer.

Accredited TEFL courses Abroad, Accredited TEFL course online and Teach Abroad Program: All the support you’ll ever need! 


Teach Abroad Program:

Whereas most companies focus on purely getting you from A to B, myself and my carefully selected partners help you not only with the logical aspect of your journey, but with the social, cultural and educational side of it as well. Of course, we help you find the best jobs with top employers who will offer you great contracts and working conditions. However, that’s not all we do. As a small business, and personally run service, (instead of a huge organisation) I can offer weekly catch ups with my teachers, paid nights away, a subscription to a lesson planning resource site, local experiences with professional guides and a friend every step of the way. The perfect next step after getting TEFL certified, so you don’t need to feel overwhelmed

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Accredited TEFL courses

I am partnered with two companies who offered their Accredited TEFL courses in locations across the globe. I only work with TEFL providers who offer exceptional education and teaching standards. You can also combine getting your TEFL course in-country with my Teach Abroad Programs to receive a discount.

Find out more here.

Accredited TEFL course online:

This course is for people who want an accredited TEFL course with the same exceptional teaching standards but from the comfort of their own home, for a lower price than the face to face courses. However, this course still comes with tutor support and the option to take the practical placement abroad in Vietnam or Cambodia. You can also combine getting your TEFL course online with my Teach Abroad Programs to receive a discount.

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Want to find out more? Visit our packages page to plan your new adventure!


TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign language and so you will be teaching English language to people who don’t speak English as their first language. You will need a qualification to prove that you have been trained in this area. Find out more about getting certified.

What is an accredited certificate?

An accredited certificate should be at least 120 hours with a minimum of 6 hours of observed teaching practice with real students who don’t speak English as their first language. It should also be accredited by a third party who set clear standards for the learning outcomes for the TEFL industry.

I offer accredited courses which will get you a job working legally in Vietnam and all over the world through my partner course provider.

Find out more about TEFL and how to get certified

“Towards the end of 2017 I started thinking a lot about what I might like to do in 2018. I was ready for a change and I’d been entertaining the idea of living abroad for a while – I’ve always wanted to spend some time in Vietnam, but I had no idea where to start.

I researched on the internet until I was square-eyed and still was no clearer on how to actually go about making it happen – in fact, I was more confused; should I try and secure a job before I go? Should I just turn up and go from there? The more my questions boiled up, the more disillusioned and doubtful I felt.

One evening I was reading a travel blog and they mentioned ‘Teacher’s Friend.’ I went onto the website and I knew it was exactly what I needed. Georgie has been a key factor in my moving to Hanoi – from the beginning she was attentive, knowledgeable, calm and available. Any question I had, she had an answer – she also had answers to the questions I didn’t know yet to ask – such as how to properly prepare so that your arrival is as smooth as can be.

She helped me find a great job before I left and then guided me through the entire process. Recently she has helped me find an apartment that I love, and she’s checked in to make sure I’m settling OK and if she can do anything to help.

The service Georgie provides is a really special one – it is personal, human, understanding, as well as informed, efficient and reliable. If it wasn’t for her help and the confidence she inspires, I wouldn’t be in Vietnam – I’d still be trying to work out how to go about making a change.

With Georgie, I’ve felt accompanied on my solo adventure. You absolutely cannot beat the wisdom of experience that she generously shares. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Charlotte, UK

28th January 2018

“From the moment I started working with Georgie she exceeded all of my expectations. I was at a point in my life where I needed to make a lot of decisions about what I wanted from life, and after finishing my degree had various internships that I could have chosen, instead of coming to Vietnam.

Throughout this time Georgie didn’t put any pressure on me to come to a quick decision and was extremely patient throughout the lengthy process of waiting to hear back from the various internships which I had applied for.

She helped with all the logistics, from setting me up with interviews, to helping me find accommodation and sorting my visa.

Georgie was right when she stated on her website that not having a face to face TEFL would make finding work in Vietnam much harder. I began to panic about whether I would find a job, but Georgie constantly reassured me and restored my confidence. It wasn’t long before I had a job working in a great language centre.

I am delighted with the service that I received and in everything that was offered in the contract. I know that finding a job in Vietnam that is legal, legitimate, secure and reliable can be very difficult in Vietnam.

For the above reasons, as well as so many others, I recommend Teacher’s Friend with all my heart due to how easy Georgie made everything. Hanoi is crazy and hectic and relocating to a new country on your own is incredibly overwhelming, but with Georgie it was stress free and easy. Thank you so much Georgie, I couldn’t have done it without you! :) ”Ruth, UK

22nd November 2017

“Georgie was a massive help for my partner and I relocating to Hanoi. For work she set us up with interviews and we’re now working at a great language centre. She also recommended good businesses and helped us to find an apartment. She is extremely helpful and personable, exactly the sort of person you need to know when choosing to teach abroad. We would highly recommend Georgie and we’re very thankful for she has done for us.”


Hannah, UK

27th Oct 2017

“Hi, I`m Anthony Brewer and I’ve known Georgie for about 1 year now. Although it feels as though I have known her for several years like a close friend. Working with her gives me a sense of confidence due to all the knowledge and professionalism she has displayed. She has a positive attitude and is very friendly. I fully understand the process of relocating to Vietnam thanks to her. She is usually upfront and to the point when talking to me regarding schools, the CELTA and TEFL, and how Vietnam`s work permit and employment process work. Honestly, I would not have been able to come to Vietnam without her assistance. Her guidance is the ultimate safety net for people studying to be teachers someday.”

Anthony, US

10th Sept 2017

“Georgie’s work is so much more than a service. Georgie is truly a friend to the people she works with.

When I was browsing through different companies and resources to start my adventure to Vietnam I was overwhelmed by the options. There were lists of endless different companies wanting to help me but I never felt truly connected to them, it felt more like they were out for my money. Immediately after speaking to Georgie I felt comforted.

She was like talking to a friend I had known for ages and who had already gone through this process. I am sure those other companies do a great job at helping you through the visa processes and all the other paperwork but Georgie sticks with you through the weird questions. Georgie was always more than willing to help me out with more personal questions that I think other places would have been annoyed or weird about answering.

Teacher’s Friend is not only a great company that is looking out for you but also a support system when starting a new life on your own. Georgie helped build my confidence and establish my comfort levels to start this new journey. Though this seemed huge and daunting Georgie helped me feel prepared and excited to start a new life!”

Anneliese, UK

18th Sept 2017

So are you ready to get TEFL certified and move to the other side of the world to teach the crazy English language to eager students, who are all ready to be your friend, shower you with affection, and show you the magic of their home country?

Get started on your journey to becoming a fully qualified, confident teacher!

Imagine teaching English as a foreign language and having the freedom of teaching either online or by relocating and living abroad.

Downloading this comprehensive step by step guide will help you to achieve a better work/life balance, higher income and more adventure in your life.

Do you have any questions about my program, teaching in Vietnam or getting certified?