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Are you ready to embark on a thrilling adventure of teaching English abroad?


I have taught English abroad for over ten years and so I know what it’s like to be in your shoes. That is why I offer everything you need for your move abroad, including:

  • Guaranteed job placement in tried-and-tested schools
  • Internationally accredited courses with teaching practice with real ESL students
  • Cultural immersion activities- learn to surf or take a cooking class!
  • Life-long support in your TEFL career, the friend you need when moving to the next level or country

However, at teacher’s friend we don’t just offer the basics, we also offer so much more and give you way more value for money and a much more supportive environment.

Some highlights include:

  • Setting you up with banking
  • Helping you find your accommodation
  • An introduction to Grammar and the foundations of TEFL
  • Pairing you with a local “buddy”
  • Interview practice
  • 80 TEFL e-books on how to teach young learners, business English, grammar, teach online and much more
  • A huge amount of TEFL resources with games and activity ideas.

Every teacher I have ever works with comments on the exceptional, personalised service that I offer. With me, you are a person, who has individual needs, not just a number. With me, you’ll have a friend for life.

Face to Face TEFL/ TESOL course

Having a TEFL certificate is a must for anybody who’s willing to pursue a teaching English career abroad. At the moment, we offer accredited TEFL courses in seven different countries around the world, so you can choose the best country for you. If you are passionate about teaching English and want to start a teaching career abroad, then contact us to find out more.

Advantages and inclusions can vary from location to location. So, it’s better to check out our country-wise TEFL course pages. However, I offer extra services with all of my TEFL courses.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Must have a Bachelor’s Degree ( For placement in Cambodia non-degree holders can also apply)
  2. Native English speaker or native equivalent speaker can apply- some restrictions apply
  3. Clear criminal record
  4. Fit & healthy


Teaching Experience and Job Placement


Available in Bali (Indonesia) and Siem Reap (Cambodia).

Comes with all of the perks of the face to face TEFL for those who already have an online TEFL and want that all important teaching practice and job placement!

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Minimum 120-Hour TEFL/TESOL certificate is required
  2. Must have a Bachelor’s Degree ( For placement in Cambodia non-degree holders can also apply)
  3. Native English speaker
  4. Between 20-55 years old
  5. Some work experience (Doesn’t have to be teaching-related)
  6. Clear criminal record
  7. Fit & healthy

Online TEFL/TESOL course

Get all of the benefits of the face to face TEFL and placement options including job assistance, relocation assistance, banking help, interview practice, a local friend, on-going lesson planning assistance and everything else you need!

  • It is an accredited 120-hour online TEFL/TESOL course
  • This course is taught by qualified instructors with years of experience who have all lived and worked abroad with non-native English speakers
  • Opportunity to get personalized feedback from your tutor- unlike most online courses
  • Well optimised platform which is easily accessible from desktops, mobiles and tablets for an easy, fun experience
  • Comprehensive resources
  • Guidance for effective classroom management
  • Live face to face Skype lesson presentation
  • Accredited certification and letter of recommendation after successfully completing the course

Eligibility Criteria

Applications for this 120-hour online TEFL/TESOL course are open to everyone. However, a certain proficiency in English is required in order to complete this course. If you are not sure about your proficiency, it is advisable to book a call with us before enrolling.

Course Contents

This 120-hour TEFL/TESOL course consists the following modules:


Theory and lesson planning


Teaching young learners

90% of teaching across Asia and online is to teenagers and kids


Teaching the four key skills- reading, listening, speaking and writing


Grammar basics and how to teach grammar



To make sure you are properly prepared for your teaching career


Classroom management

How do you keep the attention of a room full of five year olds? Teenagers?


One to one session(s) with your experienced instructor


40 hours of out of class assignments which include research, curriculum development and lesson planning

You can add this to your CV to show you’ve had the proper training from a quality course that cares about its students

Unsure which TEFL is for you and feeling swamped by the overload of information? For $200 you can get a comprehensive, one to one call with me. By the end of the call you will:

  • Have a clear understanding of what all the acronyms mean: TEFL/ TESOL/ TESL/ CELTA.
  • Understand what accreditation is and how to tell a legitimate course from a fraudulent one.
  • Know whether face to face or online is the best option for you based on your unique circumstance.
  • Feel confident on where you want to study- abroad or in your home country and more importantly which country! Know the job market and what you’re likely to save in your chosen new home.
  • Know your teaching options if you don’t have a degree.
  • Have clarity on the best TEFL for you! Everyone is different.
  • Be clear on what should be standard in a TEFL course and what is going above and beyond.
  • How TEFL can help with your career and what your options are both abroad and once you move back home (if you do!).
  • Be reassured about work permits, visas, legalising documents and and how all that legal stuff works.
  • Feel confident that you have a friend by your side who will walk you through every aspect of your TEFL adventure from start to finish!


If you purchase my TEFL consultation you will get access to a comprehensive GRAMMAR course to brush up on your skills before you even start the TEFL course so you can walk into the classroom feeling confident!

What’s more?! I’ll give you a comprehensive comparison and insider knowledge on any other TEFL providers and partners which you’ve already researched  (a lot of companies are actually selling the same courses!) and give you upfront, honest advice on the best option for you.

My Guarantee

If you aren’t an expert on TEFL/ TESOL and don’t know 100% which TEFL course is perfect fit for you and your unique situation by the end of the call then I will continue to work with you until you’re signed up and booked on the adventure of a lifetime- no matter who you choose!

Also, if you decide to choose one of my partner programs, I’ll give you $200 off the cost of the TEFL. It’s a WIN WIN situation for you!

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