Face to Face TEFL in Bali, Indonesia

Are you looking for a quality TEFL course abroad and want to get TEFL certified in order to start your English teaching journey? Take the 140-hour face to face TEFL/TESOL course in Bali, Indonesia and get an accredited certificate after successfully completing the course. This 4-week face to face TEFL/TESOL course meets all the important standards that a quality TEFL should meet.

 So, if you are someone who wants to pursue a TEFL course somewhere in Asia where you can enjoy the breath-taking landscapes, green mountains, golden sea shores, delicious traditional food and much more, then Bali is the place for you.


After the course, as there are not a huge amount of jobs in Bali/ Indonesia itself and the wages are much lower than in other Asian countries, you can  stay and find your own work online (we can send you our database of online companies) or we will assist you with finding a teaching job in Vietnam, Thailand or Cambodia.


Important Details

  • This is a 4-week face to face TEFL/TESOL course
  • Classes will be in small groups so you’ll get plenty of time with your experienced tutor
  • Usually class timings are from 09:00am – 04:00pm
  • You’ll need to spend extra hours outside of class time in order to complete the assignments and plan your teaching practice but don’t worry, there’s plenty of help available along the way. The course is very much “learn by doing” and so everything you see your tutor do in class is what you will be doing with your upcoming students.
  • It includes at least 6-8 hours of observed practical lessons with real non-native English speakers in a school / language centre environment. This comes with feedback from both your tutor and your peers so you get a really great idea of what your strengths and weaknesses are throughout the course and where you can improve. The course is about constant development, both personally and professionally

140-Hour face to face TEFL/TESOL course with job placement assistance

**Minimum eligibility will apply**

4 week classes

US$ 1995

Course Contents

140-hour Face to Face TEFL/TESOL course
  • Techniques for teaching various types of English learners- all levels and ages
  • Teaching vocabulary/ grammar/ pronunciation
  • Lesson Planning
  • Techniques for error correction
  • Classroom management. The majority of teaching online and abroad is to kids and can include huge class sizes so this is really important
  • Enhancing the interaction skills of your students
  • Building rapport with your students
  • How to teach Phonics
  • Guidance on creating materials for lessons and also how to adapt a course book
  • Grammar- The 12 tenses, pronouns and possessive adjectives plus parts of speech
  • Introduction to local culture (in order to be accustomed with the local classroom environment)
  • Tips on how to make the perfect CV
  • Guidance for the interview
  • Job assistance- help finding schools in your chosen destination
Teaching practicum and assignments
  • Opportunity to conduct full lessons, which will be observed and detailed feedback will be given by a trainer after each lesson, along with added input from your classmates.
  • On-going assessment on different aspects of the English language and your technical understanding.
  • Various lesson planning and group work assignments/ presentations
  • Learn by doing- your trainer will train you the way you should be teaching, embrace your inner child
  • This is a super practical course where the theory is all embedded in practical activities – no lecture style presentations or extensive note taking and essay writing.
  • A journal entry assignment- reflect on why you want to teach, how the course is going and advice for future TEFL students once you’ve finished the course.

Eligibility Criteria for Non-Native English Speakers

Applications for this 140-hour TEFL/TESOL course in Bali, Indonesia are open to everyone. But a certain proficiency in English is required in order to complete this course. If you are not sure about your proficiency, it is advisable to book a call with our manager before enrolling in this course. We will also be open and honest with you about your job prospects and realistic salary expectations. 


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