I couldn’t get hold of my ‘boss’ for my private classes, so I used Google Maps to guesstimate the location and tried again at ringing her when I was almost there. Luckily, this time she answered. I passed my phone (tentatively) to the ‘xe om’ (motorbike taxi) driver. I wondered what I what do to him if he dropped it.

I really enjoyed my private class. And not for the first time. The kids were great fun and very talkative. I decided that day that I am a very good teacher, I’d finally built confidence in my skills and I genuinely loved my work. Although maybe not the three-year olds…and maybe not the five-year-olds either… but in general, I really enjoy teaching!

Harry and I went to JJ’s to eat. We really had eaten there a lot lately, so I ordered something a bit different this time, pork with black pepper sauce. It was actually really tasty. Harry was not impressed with Mrs. Sam that day because she’d called me into the office to tell me that she wants him to be more energetic and enthusiastic in class.

She’d decided she wanted him to come into my classes on his day off (unpaid) to teach my classes while I took notes on him. I couldn’t help but laugh. Like I say, they love me. But Harry was sulking, and I could see where he was coming from.

A new bakery had opened next to our school. It sold pastries, fresh bread rolls, baguettes, cakes, and cookies. It smelled truly amazing and I think Harry had been three times a day, every day since it opened. He’d been living off it. And I think they’d been living off him!