Teacher’s Friend – Vietnam (TFV) has helped many people achieve their traveling dreams. Below you can read about Amy, a nervous traveller who sought out TFV’s help.

After considerable deliberation, Amy and her boyfriend decided to take the plunge. They had been considering buying their first home, but the call to adventure was too strong so they decided to travel and work in Asia first. They had many unanswered questions: “How will we find work?”, “Will we earn enough money?”, “What if something goes wrong?” Before they could answer these, they had to answer the most pressing question of all, “Where shall we settle?” Following a friend’s recommendation, Amy got in touch with Georgie at Teacher’s Friend – Vietnam. Within a couple of days, Amy had signed a contract and was excited to get moving.

Understandably a little nervous, Amy’s wanderlust was battling with her anxiety. Living on the opposite side of the planet is more than a little daunting. TFV’s friendly, personable approach was exactly what was needed, in Amy’s own words “My stress and anxious questioning was calmed and soothed by TFV, who couldn’t do enough.” She stated that even her smallest questions were answered and that she felt instantly reassured that everything would be okay.

It turned out that “okay” was an understatement. Amy and her boyfriend made the popular decision to travel to Thailand and China before arriving in Vietnam, confident that things would run smoothly when they arrived. Within a week of arriving in Hanoi, she had started several jobs. By her second week she knew that six months in Vietnam would not suffice, so she accepted year-long teaching contracts. Now, she is loving life in a country that she describes as an “expat paradise” (while saving plenty of money to spend on her further travels). She says that she feels assured that she can ask for TFV’s advice for anything she needs. For now, it looks like that first house in England might have to wait.

If you’re thinking about teaching English abroad, but your nerves are getting the better of you, why not reach out to Teacher’s Friend – Vietnam? We’ve been through exactly what you’re going through, and we’d be happy to help.

Written by Alex Sinclair Lack for Teacher’s Friend – Vietnam