Hoi An Day Three

I was awake at 6am and lazed around in bed until 9am, which was amazing!! I love holidays. I hired a bicycle and cycled to the beach, past the rice fields and over a little lantern bridge, it was lovely, so peaceful!


I had to pay 5000 vnd to park my bike which no-one told me about and was bright red after just 30 minutes of being in the sun, even thought I was covered in factor 30. Luckily I caught it just in time and went for a swim to cool off. The beach was nice, but both the beaches have been a little disappointing, I think because there were so many Vietnamese tourists. However, it was blue sky, clear water and white sand so I shouldn’t complain! I think maybe I’m just not the biggest fan of beaches, I prefer rocks and waterfalls!


The wind picked up and was in full swing, so I had sand stuck on my face, in my hair, in my ipod and in my eyes. Most people vacated the beach. I sat on a wall facing the beach and wrote some postcards. On the way back I took photos and went for lunch in a café right in front of the river. I went to the pool in the hotel but it was overcast so we sat in my friends room chatting and just as I was about to leave the heavens opened and it poured for three hours… so there I stayed!


Not doing anything all afternoon made me more sleepy so after a late dinner I went straight to bed…. In my huge bed!!


Hoi An Day four

I said goodbye to the elderly couple at breakfast. I then panicked because I’d lost my flight ticket home, I rang the travel agent to get her to email it to me, but there was no internet on the computer in the hotel so I still couldn’t print it… I then found it. It was on the same page as my outward flight, but I had been looking for a separate sheet! Silly little things…


I made the mistake of going to a store that I’d promised to visit and ended up buying yet more gifts… I think I’m going to have to pay for an extra bag for my flight home to England! I saw some ornaments on sale, exactly the same as the ones I’d brought on Marble Mountain, but not quite as nice, for about half the price… *breathe… and let it go!!*


I walked around the old town taking some last pictures of the beautiful Hoi An before eating ice cream by the river. At lunch I met two women, one of whom had been in a long distance relationship for two years, from Australia to Jakarta! They were finally moving to Australia together in a few weeks. It’s crazy, I expected travelling to be a single person thing and felt a bit silly arriving while dating someone in Spain, but I’ve met more long distance couples than single people! There is hope!


I hate airports. I arrived to see my flight had been delayed by 25 minutes already and there were no Vietjet desks open. When they finally did, I told them I needed to pay to check in my suitcase, and I had the rest of my stuff in another bag as hand luggage. They weighed the bag and it was 7.6kg so they said I didn’t need to check it in, I said “Yes but what about this bag?” pointing to the one on my shoulder and the guy said “Never mind that!” So, on the way here I had to pay for extra weight, on the way back, when I had various very heavy gifts and three new dresses I got on for free! Insane. They literally make up the rules as they go along.


I was amused when the announcement asked people to go to www.vietjetair.com but instead of pronouncing it “double you, double you, double you” they said “www” as in “w” for “water”. Haha.


I got a text about more private tuition classes, I am going to teach an extra hour every Thursday for 2 million dong a month, this is £15 an hour. I managed to find a transfer bus to take me back home which was only $2, however I hadn’t realised this would mean waiting an hour until the bus was full!! I got home, exhausted, but a great trip!