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 I offer various services. If you are just looking for a free job referral at a leading language centre in Vietnam, please complete the form below.

For the free job referral you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • MUST have a TEFL qualification of at least 120 hours (or be prepared to obtain one)
  • MUST have a face to face/ in-class TEFL (not online) OR at least 1 year of ESL teaching experience
  • MUST have a Bachelor’s degree
  • MUST be a native English speaker or equivalent


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If you are looking for fast, efficient, FRIENDLY and professional assistance, then Georgie is THE person to run to. Utilizing Teacher’s Friend Vietnam, with regards to finding a job in Vietnam, has taken a lot of stress off my shoulders . Georgie also follows up, and she has kept in touch with me, even after I got the job! Even now, 4 months after starting my new job in Vietnam, I can honestly say that I still feel welcome to contact Georgie for assistance

Sonia, South Africa

12th Nov 2016, Read more reviews