It was the kindergarten’s open ceremony and that meant it was my job to deliver a speech to all the parents.

Luckily for me, I have a drama degree.

As you can imagine, some of the stuff they used to make us do during my drama course was pretty nerve racking. Plus, we’d have little to no time to prepare. At least this time around, I’d been given a sheet with a pre-written speech – a lot more than last time!

The ceremony contained all of the usual chaos. Children were being cattle herded into position to perform a disturbingly erotic show of five-year-olds dancing. Hayden couldn’t even watch. He also drank way too much the night before and had to leave to vomit halfway through!

Oh dear.

When teaching in the Kindergarten that afternoon, the principal arrived unannounced. He began taking notes on my lessons and recording my teaching. If that wasn’t bad enough he’d arrived with what looked like parents. I later found out that they were actually volunteers *phew*. Plus, I taught a great class and the feedback was awesome. I was told that they were very pleased to have me.

I love the amount of warning that they offer you before interruptions like that…not! Prospective teachers in Vietnam, beware the unexpected!